Thursday, August 12, 2010

The day I was struck by Thieves!

I had been reading about theft and robberies in the Tri-city from last 4 years. All these stories made me wonder how it actually feels to be one of the victims. Most of these stories involved cars. The cars in whole or the accessories were the bounty for the thieves.

Yesterday morning, I became the a victim. In the evening, I sat in my car to go to the office. As I turned the ignition on, I found the music a little weird. I then saw the amplifier a bit moved from its usual place. I turned back to find that the woofer was missing. I stepped out and saw that the glass from the back was removed by the thieves and then half-placed back. So the woofer was gone. I checked for other stuff and everything else was on its place.

Being the first time in such a circumstance I had no clue what to do. As it was evening time so it must have been around 12 hours since this event took place. I called 100 first and was directed to call the nearest police station. They then said that they will be sending the cops soon. As I waited, I also called the President and Vice-President of the society I live in. They reached the spot and updated me that there occurred a similar incident with another resident.

I wasn't worried much about the loss I suffered which could have been a lot more. I asked them about the night watchman. They gave me a shocker. He was fired as he did not have the documents to prove his identification. And as per law any tenant or servant should furnish the required documents.

This is my 3rd month in this society and last 2 months were guarded by that watchman who used to sit just in front of my building. All safe and sound. What could I say?

The cops came down and the first question they ask is if my verification documents are submitted in the police station or not. I had to call the owner of the flat to get the details.

Overall, there was nothing I could do or anyone else could do. This is just an experience I wanted to share.

The funny part is that I returned from the office at 3:30 AM and all this happened just within an hour or two. My car, not equipped by an alarm system could shout for help.