Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Safe Chandigarh!!! Think Again.

17th September 2009 - 2:45 AM

I left the office at 2:15 AM and went to Sector 17 Bus Stand for a cup of Tea. Thats where you can get it at wee hours. I was returning back to Mohali. After I crossed the Aroma Light Point and about to reach the 34-35 round about, I saw 2 cars parked in the middle of the road, I slowed down. I then found that a few drunk youth are harassing 3 people in the other car. As there was no way to go across them, I reversed my car back to the Aroma Light Point.

Living in Chandigarh from last 3 years, I know that there is a Police Naka near Aroma everynight. I approached the cops and narrated the whole thing. They did not have there Zipsy so asked me if I can take them to the spot in my car. I agreed to the same. Before we could move the Sonata car which carried those nuisance creating youth moved through the naka. The policemen informed their fellows on the other end of Sector 22 Naka to stop the car.

In a minute or 2, they got a message on the wireless that the car has turned back to the end I was standing. The cops looking alert got ready to stop the car.

To my surprise, the car slowed down upon the cops signal, and then just went through. The police looked helpless and could not act.

The other car which was stopped by the Sonata Car youth earlier also reached the spot. One girl came out, sobbing and told the cops that the youth harassed her.

The cops could not do anything. I sat in my car and headed for Mohali. All the way I was thinking, what is happening to the city. Young guys get drunk and become the owner of the whole city, do whatever they want and care for nothing. No sense of responsibility and no humanity.

I don't know what to say. It is all changing and really depressing.

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  1. Very appalling! Police should be more hard on these notorious guys! All the more these conditions highlight the importance of superior infrastructure that police should be provided with!