Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Watch out for the Pot Holes, here comes Mohali.

The standard of living is degrading day by day in Mohali. The residents are tortured with frequent power cuts, irregular water supply and "holes with the road". The once called most progressive state of India, Punjab is no more than hell now.

People are left with no options. They pay for highly priced power but there is no power. This summer has seen power cuts of more than 8 hours a day. The Govt. is ready to give farmers free power supply but what about those who are ready to pay for it. What is the fault of people living in the cities? How can they dream of a modern state without the availability of the basic necessities.

And the water supply is dirty as ever. The water is never clean as and when it is available. They broadcast on National Television the awareness advertisements to keep away from filthy water. Now when the water supply is of the same nature where should we go?

The roads are a big mess. Only when a minister is to visit the city the roads are patched. You have to apply the breaks more number of times than turn the steering wheel. Seat belts are must to be safe in case of accidents, but in Mohali you should wear the seat belt to remain on your seat.

I ask, where does all the money that we pay in Tax goes? When we earn we pay Tax and when we spend we pay Tax, where the hell is that money.

A recent News article showed that the Punjab Govt. like to spend in their own way. The news clipping read:

"Akali's Do It Their Way

The Akali Dal's two-day meeting was held last week at a 5-star hotel in Shimla. More than 100 rooms were booked. The party picked up the tab of about Rs 50 lakh."

I hope you now know where the money is going.

Travel to any highway in Punjab, everything is a big mess. You can't beat the construction work lying pending from ages. They are ready to cut down trees to broaden the roads but the roads are missing.

I hope the next time people vote, they take into consideration the "Black Cloud" that has shadowed Punjab and opt for a NON- BADAL government.

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